NEW - Control Blocks and Slides for IHC

Pioneer Research Chemicals Ltd are proud to represent StatLab Medical Products LLC in the European market for their range of immunohistochemistry control blocks and slides.

Using their patented histosynthesis process, StatLab has developed the first and only true Reference Standard Control Blocks for Immunohistochemistry. This is a consistent, safe, and ethical way to ensure Quality Assurance and increase the accuracy of diagnosis.

The 3D Reference Standard Tissue Microarray slides and blocks are to be used to monitor the performance of the IHC staining assay during initial validation and for troubleshooting activities.

DESCRIPTION: 3D-RS TMA which includes 2 x cores (Diameter 1.5mm) containing two distinct tissues manufactured using a StatLab patented technology of histosynthesis. A reference standard control designed for breast and cervical cancer markers. The tissues are formalin fixed and paraffin embedded following College of American Pathologists (CAP) guidelines.

What are the advantages

  • Defined tissue like morphology
  • Standardized antigen expression
  • Complete control for validation and verification
  • Cost effective
  • Calibration Reference Standard Quality
  • Batch to batch consistency
  • No ethical constraints

For further information please see Instructions For Use and Information Sheet below: